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What Parents are Saying...


"My daughter really enjoyed participating in DreamBox and the moment it was over, announced she wanted to do it again! It was a very positive experience for her. She came home every Thursday afternoon very cheerful and chatty about the sessions telling me all of the drama skills she learned. She always looked forward to the program and happily used her free time to practice her lines and songs."


     -Spout Springs School of Enrichment Parent




"My child loved every minute of the DreamBox Program. What a positive experience for her! The instructors were great with the kids and they made it a lot of fun. Also allowing my daughter to stay right at the school was very convenient. Highly recommend this program and look forward to the next one offered by Dreambox!"


     -Flowery Branch Elementary Parent



"My son participated in the Dream Box Afterschool Enrichment Program. The program allowed him to be creative and he enjoyed being part of a positive learning group. I was impressed that they all could memorize lines to present in such a short time.The program allowed his creativity to shine and he enjoyed performing through song, dance, and puppetry arts.  We will definitely sign up again!"


     -Flowery Branch Elementary Parent




"My child absolutely loved the Dreambox program! The day she attended was her favorite day of the week! She was so excited about the final performance and she had so much fun doing it!! She really came out of her shell through this experience. She is all ready to sign up again for the Spring Program."  


     -Spout Springs School of Enrichment Parent




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