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Frequently Asked Questions 

What will my student learn through a DreamBox program?


Each program is designed to introduce students to basic theatre skills. This is achieved through ensemble-building games and activities. The curriculum of DreamBox is balanced with games and rehearsal activities.  Students explore movement, dance, music and acting. They learn how to project their voices and speak using expression. They also incorporate elements into the performance such as props, costumes, and puppets.



Who are the instructors for DreamBox programs?


The DreamBox founding director is both a classroom teacher and a professional theatre artist. She is Georgia state certified in Elementary Education K-5 and also she is certified in Drama K-12. She holds a Masters degree in Educational Theatre and 6 years of experience working in schools with students ranging from K- 12th grade. DreamBox Lead Instructors are highly qualified in the area of theatre, holding a college degree in theatre and also having a great deal of teaching experience. Assistant instructors and interns are currently pursuing a degree in Theatre and are gaining field experience in the area of Theatre Education through DreamBox programs. The interns are selected from the Brenau University/ Gainesville Theatre Alliance program. Most instructors are working theatre artists in the greater Atlanta area. 



Are students separated according to their age in a DreamBox program?


Yes, DreamBox programming separates students into two separate programs: K-2nd grade and 3rd- 5th grade.  DreamBox is dedicated to delivering quality programs that are developmentally appropriate for the students involved.



How many students are in a DreamBox Program?


DreamBox believes in keeping the student to instructor ratio low to insure that each student is actively engaged in learning. On average, each DreamBox program has 12- 20 students. Each DreamBox program has 2 instructors present at every session.



How long does a DreamBox Program last?


Each DreamBox program includes 10 consecutive sessions spanning over 3 months. DreamBox programs adhere to the school calendar so if school is not in session, then DreamBox does not meet. Programs are offered in both the Fall and Spring of each school year.  Summer camp programs are offered in your school's county as well.  



How do I register and pay for a DreamBox program?


You can register your child for a DreamBox program online or through a paper form (available at school).  You can pay for the program on our website using an online safe and secure payment option through PayPal. DreamBox's fees for the program are due before the program officially begins.  Alternative payment plans can be arranged only in special circumstances relayed to DreamBox prior to registering your child.  There is no processing fee to pay online.   If you prefer to pay using a check, you can also do this and return the check with the paper registration form to your child's teacher. You also have the option of registering and paying over the phone if you prefer this method (770) 540-0852. *DreamBox does not accept cash.



When does the performance take place for a DreamBox program?


DreamBox performances take place after the final DreamBox session. Whenever the final session dismisses, parents are invited in to see a DreamBox Performance at the school. The culminating performance is informal and fun for all! It is intended to showcase your child's hard work and growth throughout the duration of the DreamBox program.  



My child is very shy.  What if my child doesn’t want to perform?


DreamBox Programs are designed to help students come out of their shells and have fun in an ensemble of students. This is achieved through low-risk games where everyone participates and contributes. Once trust is established within the group, the drama activities gradually shift into ones where every student has a voice. The DreamBox learning environment is low- pressure and all about building friendships, teamwork and as a result meaningful learning occurs. No child is ever "forced" to perform but in our experience, by the end of the program everyone is eager to share their performance with an audience.



My child is already in the after-school program.  Can he still participate in the DreamBox program?


Absolutely! We have a number of DreamBox participants who also attend the after-school program. On the day we meet, students just get dropped off at the school's after-school program when the DreamBox program is over.




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