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DreamBox Theatre, LLC 

Policies and Procedures



DreamBox is an educational theatre company that works with schools in the greater Atlanta area to provide quality theatre enrichment programming and education opportunities. DreamBox aims to invite creative expression for students and educators alike to dream, learn, and grow in the field of educational theatre. DreamBox’s Theatre department offers 10 week after-school musical theatre residencies in schools. The programs work within the common core curricular framework to use drama to promote literacy, interpersonal skills, team-building and self-efficacy in students.




At DreamBox we develop our work based on multiple artistries and modes of instruction. We bring educational theatre to the classroom by integrating directing, performing, creative writing, movement and music. We believe in student-centered classrooms where the learning requires students' participation and leadership along the learning journey.   DreamBox’s mission is to to encourage exploration, inquiry, and reflection in every student and ultimately improve student achievement. Our teaching approach is rooted in promoting self-empowerment and empathy in students that not only results in a higher functioning school environment but also contributes to each student’s personal growth and development. Our efforts are focused on making my students want to learn and therefore inquiry and knowledge goes far beyond the classroom.   We believe that every child has an opportunity to thrive no matter where they are in their skill level. Our focus is on quality in the classroom and continual relentless support of all the children we serve. Regardless of circumstances, all the students we teach are marked with promise and the potential for great success. 




Enrollment and admission policies: Students enroll in the DreamBox program offered at their school via online registration. Parents can visit the DreamBox website to register their child and pay tuition online using a credit card. The online registration can be found under the “Register” tab on the home menu of the site.  Parents select the school name before entering the registration process.  Parents who do not wish to use a credit card to enroll online also have the option to download a PDF paper registration form on their school website and mail it, along with a personal check covering tuition to DreamBox directly.  DreamBox does not accept cash payment.  The mode in which DreamBox programs are promoted and relayed to parents in a school is based on the school policies on after-school enrichment programs.  Some schools include info on after-school programs via their school website and electronic newsletters to parents.  Other schools may opt for a paper flyer to go home with parents relaying information on the DreamBox Drama Enrichment program. DreamBox after-school drama enrichment programs require a minimum of 15 students to register in order to run the program.  Each program has limited spaces and does not exceed 30 students in total.  Students must register and pay the tuition prior to the first week of the program.  The registration deadline occurs one week before the scheduled first day of the program.  Each program is co-taught by two instructors.


Program goals: 


  • To inspire imagination and creativity in students as they immerse in the act of play-making

  • To take students on a 10-week educational theatre journey that results in a culminating musical theatre production

  • To encourage exploration, inquiry, and reflection in every student through the use of educational theatre

  • To work within the common core curricular framework to use drama to promote literacy and speaking/ listening skills

  • To promote interpersonal and team-building skills through the use of drama games and techniques. 

  • To provide students opportunities and experiences in educational theatre that can build confidence and self-efficacy in students.


Hours of operation for on-site programs: 2:30- 4:15 PM


Attendance and illness policy: We encourage attendance at all sessions but we do understand that there are circumstances when your child is unable to attend (i.e illness, family emergency, etc..)  Attendance is taken weekly and students who do not attend at least six sessions (60%) may not perform in the final production, however students are still allowed to attend weekly classes.  No refund is given to students for any classes missed.  In the event that a student gets sick while participating in a DreamBox program session, parents or legal guardian are contacted immediately for pick-up and/ or further instructions.  Also we require an emergency contact for each student enrolled in a DreamBox program in the instance that we are unable to reach a parent or legal guardian.  If a medical or family emergency occurs and the student is physically unable to participate in the sessions due to extenuating circumstances, arrangements will be made and the student will only pay a pro-rated amount for the days attended.  The remaining tuition will be reimbursed with no penalty.


Health and emergency policy: In the case of an emergency situation, the principal or custodian will be immediately notified.  If the principal or custodian cannot be found immediately, the FCS Police Services will be contacted.  If unable to secure a building because the custodian cannot be reached, the Principal is first called.  If this is unsuccessful, the County's Police Services will be contacted and assistance in securing the building will be requested.  All emergency incidents will be reported to the Principal as soon as possible.  Incident reports will be filled out in the event of an emergency, illness or injury.  If a student gets sick or injured county guidelines for student health and first aid are followed.  In the incident of a student getting sick or injured while participating in a DreamBox program, parents or legal guardian are also contacted immediately for pick-up and/ or further instructions.  Also we require an emergency contact for each student enrolled in a DreamBox program in the instance that we are unable to reach a parent or legal guardian.


The following procedures will be discussed with the principal prior to beginning any DreamBox program:    


  • Severe weather procedure- If a tornado watch or warning occurs during a DreamBox program, students will be directed to a safe area of the building designated by the principal.


  • In the event of a Fire- In the case of a fire, students will be evacuated from the building to a safe zone designated by the principal.


  • In the event of a Lock-Down- Students will be secured and protected in a corner of the room or as requested by the principal.  Doors will be securely locked. 


The first priority is insuring that students are safe.  Once students are safe and secure the school principal is immediately contacted and parents wil be notified via a messaging service or a direct phone call from school.


Pick-up/ sign-out policy: When students register for a DreamBox program, parents must indicate the names of individuals approved to pick up their child.  A drivers license or proper identification must be presented at the time of signing-out. Students picked up early must follow the sign-out procedure as well. No adult without prior parent authorization will be allowed to pick-up a student.  


Per student price and any discounts: Tuition is $150 for a 10-week session including a culminating performance at the end of the program for family and friends.  The sessions meet for 1 hour 45 minutes immediately after-school, one day per week.  Sibling discounts are offered to families with two siblings that enroll totaling in a discount of 15% off tuition.


Policies on program cancellations by Contractor (e.g reimbursement): Program enrollment requires a minimum of 15 students.  If a program does not reach a total of 15 registrants by the registration deadline, money is refunded or returned to parents 100%.  If a program’s class is cancelled due to an unforeseen emergency, a make-up class will be rescheduled, giving parents at least 3 weeks advance notice.  


Policies on parent cancellations (e.g reimbursement): Parent cancellations that occur before two weeks prior to the start of the program, will be refunded 100%.  Parent cancellations that occur within two weeks prior to the start date, a $50 fee is applied and the remaining tuition is reimbursed.  If a parent cancellation occurs after the start date of the program, no refund is awarded due to staffing considerations.  If a medical or family emergency occurs and the student is unable to participate in the sessions, circumstances will be made and the student will only pay a pro-rated amount for the days attended. The remaining tuition will be reimbursed with no penalty.


Procedures and policy for non-payment or if payment is in arrears:  Parent participant fees are collected via online registration with credit card transaction.  Parents also have the option of completing a paper registration form and including a personal check as form of payment. Cash is not accepted. All students’ completed registration paperwork and payment must be received prior to the 

first day of the enrichment program. Failure to complete registration form and payment results in the student not being permitted into the program.  


Policy for student supervision and discipline for children in After School Enrichment Programs, staff coverage: Staff will be present at all times. Under no circumstances will any one student be left alone.  The enrichment program is led and supervised by two instructors.  In the instance that there is a discipline issue, one staff member will directly address the issue while the other instructor works with the remaining group.  Repeated discipline issues with a child will result in a parent/ guardian notification and meeting.  


Procedures for coverage if Contractor’s staff is not available: DreamBox has a pool of qualified, drama education- trained instructors to call upon in the instance that an instructor is unavailable for a class session.  The instructors in this pool are trained in facilitating the program curriculum and are able to step in and substitute when needed. When this proposal is approved and schools elect DreamBox Enrichment Programs as a vendor, a list of sub-contractors will be provided.  This list is generated based on the needs of the program.  Two considerations are program size and site location.  



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