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Learn. Grow.


At DreamBox we develop our work based on multiple artistries and modes of instruction. We bring educational theatre programming to school communities by integrating directing, performing, creative writing, movement and music. We believe in student-centered activities where the learning requires peer-to-peer collaboration, participation and leadership.

DreamBox’s mission is to dream, learn and grow by way of educational theatre. We aim to encourage exploration, inquiry, and reflection in our programs. Our teaching approach is rooted in promoting self-empowerment and empathy in students that not only results in a higher functioning school environment but also contributes to each student’s personal growth and development. Our efforts are focused on making students want to learn and therefore inquiry and knowledge goes far beyond the classroom.  
We believe that every child has an opportunity to thrive no matter where they are in their skill level. Our focus is on quality of programs and continual relentless support of all the children we serve. Regardless of circumstances, all the students we teach are marked with promise and the potential for great success. 

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