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Liscensing a DreamBox Musical

Are you a teacher or a director interested in producing a DreamBox Theatre musical?

​We are excited to announce that we are currently creating an innovative library of fresh, new children’s musicals that are character-driven and aligned to elementary standards. Our musicals are created for flexible casts of students ranging in age and reading level. DreamBox Theatre has a philosophy that the magic of educational theatre lives in establishing community within a group of students. We do this by creating strong ensemble-driven scripts where every one feels like a star. We only publish scripts and scores that have been piloted in fully realized productions with our local Atlanta- based school programs starring elementary age children. We write with classroom teachers, music and theatre teachers, as well as professional children’s theatre companies in mind. The scripts lend themselves to convenient cuts, grouping, casting suggestions that support educators in their efforts to direct a musical production relevant to student interests and school curriculum. Each production has suggested STEAM activities or arts integrated lessons to deepen the learning around a particular topic explored in our musicals. Bring the creative process to life with your students by producing a DreamBox Theatre musical!

For more information, email or call (770) 540-0852.
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A STEAM Musical


Grade level range: 2nd- 8th grade

Standards/ Concepts: Solar system, rotation, revolution, day/ night, proximity to sun, natural resources, environment


Synopsis: A STEAM Musical story set in the year 2199, a team of astronauts set out on a mission to investigate a newly discovered planet. Due to the effects of global warming, researchers from Earth are looking for other possible solutions for advanced life on the small planet of Aires. The musical space mission includes defying gravity and proves to be lots of fun until a meteor shower strikes and damages the ship. The team is feeling utterly hopeless until they encounter a friendly clan of aliens called "Arinians" who save the day! The musical is in the sci-fi style including science content vocabulary and a sampling of different music genres that make for a fresh and dynamic score that students are sure to love!



A STEAM Musical

Grade Level range: K- 5th

Standards/ Concepts: Life Science- life cycles, adaptation, camouflage, flora, habitats, conservation, pollination, pollution, environment


Synopsis: This STEAM Musical is an arrangement of student-inspired stories starring zany bugs and the bad rep they get for being buggy pests! This original musical explores the silver lining of these bugs' life by emphasizing how these pesky bugs help our ecosystem. The musical stories are fable-based and reinforce science and ELA standards with strong central messages. Stories include a fresh twist on the Grasshopper and Ant fable. Another story teaches how bees work together to pollinate flowers and produce honey, the beehive is challenged by a pack of pesky flies. The super hero spider family saves the day and protects the bee hive! The final story stars Lenora, the late blooming caterpillar who through every life stage feels different from the other butterflies until she discovers this is because she is a way cool moth! The musical dance numbers and stories are so catchy, they are sure to leave your children catching the acting bug!



A STEAM Musical

Grade Level range: K- 5th

Standards/ Concepts: Rocks, soils, fossilization, role of a scientist/ paleontologist, food chain, habitats, adaptation, dinosaur eras

Synopsis: This STEAM Musical story is set in Cody, Wyoming. A Wyoming elementary school recess takes an epic spin when students discover dinosaur bones in the sand box. The performance is an arrangement of entertaining Jurassic musical numbers as the students and paleontologists work on excavating and studying the fossils and bones left behind. They learn about the leaping lizards: Triceratops, T. Rex, and Raptors that rap as they stumble upon discovering this new dinosaur that walked the Earth. The musical stories integrate science and ELA standards.The STEAM curriculum accompanying this program allows for design challenges and visual art projects such as making dinosaur masks, creating fossils and much more! 

Fairy_Tale (2).jpg


Grade level range: K-5th grade

Standards/ Concepts: Adaptations, story elements, settings, characters, problems, solutions, sequencing, point of view, central message


Synopsis: This musical adventure is full of fractured fairy tales sure to knock your socks off! The story is set at Mother Gooses cottage on her 100th birthday celebration. She invites all of her dearest friends from her favorite fairytales to join in the fun. Once they are all in one room, it is revealed that some of the guests feel misunderstood, particularly the fairy tale villains. These villainous characters aim to set the classic stories straight. Come rock out with favorite characters from "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Cinderella" as they retell the true story from the point of view of the bad guy: the Giant, the Wolf, and the Step Sisters. This show reinforces key elementary reading standards including point of view, adaptations, and story elements. The music is a survey of rock and pop through the ages with sprinklings of 50s feel-good do- whop tunes, with a splash of Billy Joel style tunes that are sure to spark some catchy toe-tapping' fun for performers and audience members alike!

Mago_De_Oz (2).jpg


A Bilingual Musical

Adaptation of the Wizard of Oz story

Grade Level range: 4th- 8th grade

Standards/ Concepts: Text Adaptation, genre, central message, theme, motif, mood, character, city versus rural setting, visualization, scarcity, supply and demand, culture assimilation

Synopsis: This Latin urban musical theatre adaptation of the classic story Wizard of Oz, entitled Lost & Found. features Dulce who lives with her family, friends and chihuahua named Taco in Spanish Harlem NY. After a subway ride that wildly carries them off the tracks to a faraway whimsical land, Dulce meets and makes friends with Vaudevillian colorful characters. Among these characters, are a performer with no audience, a chef with no imagination and an old man who can't read. This journey leads her on a quest to help her new-found friends and find home. This heart-warming musical is full of an array of Latin-inspired original tunes that bring Dulce's beautiful story to life. 

*Script available in both English and Spanish



Grade level range: K-5th grade

Standards/ Concepts: Tall Tales, historical figures, westward expansion, story elements, settings, characters, problems, solutions, sequencing, point of view, central message


Synopsis: Stretch me a good tall tale! This Living History musical includes a collection of tall tales starring western heroes who happen to also sing and dance! This musical connects the era of westward expansion to cowboys and cowgirls storytelling by the chuck wagon. The stories feature Tall Tale heroes such as Annie Oakley, Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan and the amazing contributions they made to the wild wild west. Everyt time the tales are told they may stretch unleashing wild possibilities like a horse traveling faster than lightning, a lumber jack stretching rivers straight, and a markswoman target hitting all the way to Mexico!These larger-than-life melodrama tales include all original western music that is sure to leave your toes tapping and your cowboy hats flying. 



Grade Level range: K-5th grade

Standards/ Concepts: Text Adaptation, genre, central message, theme, motif, mood, character, character traits, melodrama, protagonist/ antagonist, story elements, DNA, genetics

Synopsis: This musical stars seemingly ordinary students who have been identified as potential future super heroes based on their genetic make-up and DNA. These students all attend a top secret academy where they are  super heroes- in training. As they prepare to save the day, each day they are challenged by melodramatic musical scenarios that the teacher places the students into to test out their creative problem-solving skills. How to stop Elmer Slime from reeking traffic havoc on Smile City? Or stop Hank the Heat Beast who was banned from ice cream shops to stop his angry rising temperatures. The graduating class quickly discovers that the key to cracking these super sticky problems are heroic powers we all possess inside ourselves whether a flying super hero or not. This pop art-inspired pop musical is full of a colorful variety of musical styles that will leave your audience going WHIZ! POP! BAM!

*Script available in both English and Spanish

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