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The Super Hero Musical

The Super Hero Musical

This musical stars seemingly ordinary students who have been identified as potential future super heroes based on their genetic make-up and DNA. These students all attend a top secret academy where they are super heroes- in training. As they prepare to save the day, each day they are challenged by melodramatic musical scenarios that the teacher places the students into to test out their creative problem-solving skills. How to stop Elmer Slime from reeking traffic havoc on Smile City? Or stop Hank the Heat Beast who was banned from ice cream shops to stop his angry rising temperatures. The graduating class quickly discovers that the key to cracking these super sticky problems are heroic powers we all possess inside ourselves whether a flying super hero or not. This pop art-inspired pop musical is full of a colorful variety of musical styles that will leave your audience going WHIZ! POP! BAM!

*Script available in both English and Spanish

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